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Integrative Brief Psychological Interventions for Health & Well-being Rehabilitation

Integrative Consultations

Thought rehabilitation, cognitive therapy and behavioural activation for well-being

"Doc - my brain is broke..."

Unhelpful patterns of thought can lead to a loss of self confidence, persistant and intrusive negative thought patterns which can be associated with emotional dysregulation

"Doc - I can't help it..."

Dependency  & addictions to tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, recreational drugs, electronic media and sexual stimulation  can significantly impair healthy lifestyle choices.

"Doc - I feel bad..."

Feelings related to anxiety, stress, anger, shame, guilt and depression impair overall well-being and often lead to unhelpful behaviours and sleep disturbance.

Hello! I’m Andrew

Integrative Practitioner & Rehabilitationist

I have specialist experience helping individuals with physical and psychological disability, especially if you are stuggling to maintain your health due to long term illness or impairment. I have worked in physical and  mental healthcare for over 20 years in hospitals, the community, prisons and drug dependency. As a physician I understand the impact of chronic disease and disability as well as the conventional treatments and medications that are commonly prescribed.

My Expertise

Psychological & physical rehabilitation

I have worked in physical and  mental healthcare for over 20 years. As a primary care and rehabilitation physician and I have learned how to support individuals to make better health & well-being choices. I use cognitive, behavioural and motivational frameworks and provocative hypnosis to help facilitate rapid and lasting change.


Integrative brief therapy draws from a range of psychological approaches including cognitive, humanistic & behavioural & positive psychology, psychoeducation, relaxation & breathing techniques and neuro-linguistics to  facilitate rapid and enduring behavioural change.


Sessions are face to face either in-person or online via VOIP. Ongoing motivational and behavioural support can be offered via your mobile phone.

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Please call 01275 595969. Please offer your contact details in case you need a call back.

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"I’m grateful to Dr.Bradford for his professional support and thoughtful advice in a very sensitive situation."


"Dr Andrew is so much more than a Doctor & Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. He projects an amazing serenity, simply by his presence."

JG Director

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure if you can help me ?

Please get in touch by phone or email and we can arrange to discuss your situation in more depth. I will offer to consult or refer you to a colleague who may have another approach.

Will you judge me?

Everyone is treated with decency and respect. Althought some issues are challenging they are often just behaviours or patterns of thinking which are amenable to change and alternative outcomes.

Where do you see clients?

Face to face consults are available regularly in Bristol at West-bury on Trym and Southville. Occasional sessions can be arranged in Clifton, Cotham or Long Ashton. On-line support can be provided and Skype consults can be also arranged.


Can I book an appointment?

You can request one at I will review your request and confirm the booking by text, email or phone.


Can I get help from my GP or via the NHS?

Your  GP can offer support and help through local services, although you a may consider CBT books or on-line therapy, generic group therapy or personal psychological therapy but this may involve lengthy waiting times.

How many sessions will  I need?

Everybody is a unique individual and their requirements differ. Behavarioual change is usually manageable within 5-6 sessions along ongoing support and engagement.

How  much do you charge?

I always endeavour to provide a high level of service and value to clients. The cost of therapy can be an important factor in the access to therapy and also an important motivator in adherence to therapy. If you have disability and health insurance then you can use this to access the service. Interventions start from £50.00



Contact information below

01275 595969

57 & 59 High St. Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, BS9 3ED